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First we gave you MC Hammer, but this guy takes the cake. Earning nearly $70,000,000

throughout his NFL career playing for the 49er's, Philadelphia Eagles, DallasCowboys,

Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bangles, and the New England Patriots, Terrell Owens is now

worth a whopping $0 according to Different from hammer

burning money wasn’t the only cause of T.O.’s downfall, nor was it helping and putting

on too many people. In fact it was the opposite of help, T.O. burned a lot of bridges.

Whether with quarterbacks or teams as a whole, with his antics and not so politically

correct rhetoric. Sure controversial situations can be overlooked when you're scoring

15 TD’s a season and putting asses in the seats. But he failed to realize that as your

body slows down and the bills don’t, it hard to cross broken bridges. To add insult to

injury the wide receiver has fathered four children by four different women during his

career, and pays about $50K a month to each in child support. In an effort for extra cash

Owens launched in the summer of 2014 selling sneakers from his private

collection  which even consisted of a few PE’s (the site is currently down). The obvious

moral to this story is to NEVER in any circumstances be Terrell Owens, but not just that.

Never burn bridges (personal or business), save your money, and definitely wear a condom.

You’re Welcome.

Aaron Miles
Aaron Miles