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1st #MotivationalMonday of 2015

If you are anything like us over at Hudson Outerwear you just had to have the
Air Jordan 11 "Legend Blue” this holiday season. With that said it wouldn’t be
right if we didn’t talk about the crazy amount of pairs sold, or the whopping $80
million made on the day of release for the first #MotivationalMonday of the new
year. Via major retailers (Not including Nike brick and mortar locations or Nike’s
website) Nike moved 342,015 pairs of adult pairs at an average price of $179.80,
with an additional 137,751 pairs in kids sizes at an average price of $142.24,
totaling over $81 million in sales according to SportScanInfo. Just to put things
in perspective, most companies don’t make that ANNUALLY let alone from just
one product color option. Just a reminder: we just had to stress that Nike sold
479,766 pairs (which is pretty much going gold if it was a rap album) and made
over $80 million not including their own stores or website. We could only imagine
what that final number is once you include Nike’s physical locations as well as
their online store, but I don’t to spend the rest of the day depressed so I’ll rather
just look down at my legend blues and smile.

The first Lesson of 2015: It’s cool to buy shit but selling shit (legally) is way cooler.
You're welcome

BTW: If you were under a rock this holiday season take a look at the highly sought after Air Jordan "Legend Blue" below. Once again you're welcome.


Aaron Miles
Aaron Miles