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Are we the only ones that noticed the top earning musician of 2014 hasn't created music in years?

While surfing the web this past week, we learned that Dr. Dre has earned the top spot on FORBES

highest paid musicians of 2014 without the release of new music. And for that he is this weeks

#MotivationalMonday. Coming straight out of Compton, Dre started as a producer/recording artist

building his name with Americas first gangster rap group N.W.A.. Once synonymous with gangster rap

and the world famous phrase "F*ck The Police", Dre's name is now synonymous with headphones. Which

makes sense seeing how thats currently Dre's biggest cash cow. Not only did Dre land the number one

spot this year, he's in the lead by a half billion ($505 Million to be exact). It should go without saying why

Dr. Dre Is this weeks Motivational Monday, but incase you need reaffirmation, he is the epitome of what

the Real American dream is. He a doctor, that produces and records music, who hasn't released music in

years due to the growth and acquisition of a successful headphones company causing him to be the highest

earning musician this year. Basically he's whatever the f*ck he wants to be and is wealthy because of it, and

If that's not american then I don't Know What Is.

Stay Motivated. You're Welcome.

Aaron Miles
Aaron Miles