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This Weeks #MotivationalMonday comes straight from china by way of the world wide web.

To most people the idea of millions let alone billions is only dream, online retail giant Alibaba

cleared 9.3 in one day. Thats right 9.3 billion in just 24 hours, 2 billion of which was made

within the first hour. All this coming right after Alibaba broke records with the largest IPO in

history, making Founder and chairman Jack Ma the richest man in china worth over $17.5

billion. I know what you're probably thinking "He's so lucky, I could never make that much

money or create that level of wealth" well you're wrong! Alibaba was started by Jack Ma at his

apartment in Hangzhou, China in 1999. He came a long way from his old trap, you can too.

Check out the clip below courtesy of Forbes.

You're Welcome.


Aaron Miles
Aaron Miles