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Ever wanted to go on vacation to Hawaii? We're assuming Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg

had to feel the same way, but instead of booking a vacation he decided to straight up cop 700

acres of land on the North Shore on the oldest of the main Hawaiian islands Kauai making him this

weeks motivational Monday. Acquired in the form of two purchases of adjacent property, the first

being 393 acres and the second being a 357 acre former sugarcane plantation with 2,500 feet of

oceanfront property and a working organic farm. Both purchases totaled just over $100 million.

Not only is Mark Zuckerberg one of the youngest billionaires in the world, he now literally owns a

chunk of Hawaii. Along with his piece of Hawaii Zuckerberg has the zoning rights to build up to 80

homes on his land but it is reported that he doesn't plan to build more than one or two for his family.

We admit it's not every day that a college kid becomes a billionaire and buys Hawaiian land by the acre,

but goals are set and achieved every day. Remember goals are not reached by daydreaming about them

so get off your ass and grind! Embody Mark's ability to be innovative, his persistence, and hard work. Who

knows maybe some oceanfront property might be in your future too. Check out some photos of the beautiful

land below.You're welcome.


Aaron Miles
Aaron Miles