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This week's motivational monday comes in the form of food...yes food.

During our random web browsing this past week we came across a web

series we found quite motivational to say the least. "Most Expensivest Shit",

(A name we wish we would have thought of) Courtesy of GQ magazine and

rapper 2 Chainz, where they look to find random yet insanely expensive shit.

In this particular episode 2 Chainz gets to experience a 295 dollar Guinness

world record making cheese burger. Topped with a 24k gold dusted bun, a

gold and diamond toothpick, not to mention all of the imported ingredients.

How could something like this be motivation you ask? Well how f*cking cool

is it to spend $300 simply on a burger and not have it break the bank? You

would have to be making some serious paper for that to be your reality. If

you happen to be gettin it on that level hit up NYC's Serendipity 3. And if this

meal is not quite in your budget it's all good, just keep stacking your paper

and use this as a little motivation. Check out the clip below and who knows,

one day you could be eating this shit daily. Stay focused and stay hungry,

no pun intended. 

You're welcome.


Aaron Miles
Aaron Miles