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This weeks motivational monday comes in the form of 30 Rolls Royce Phantoms.

Hotel and Casino Tycoon Stephen Hung has recently commissioned the largest

order ever from the automaker ever. Shelling out $20 million for the 30 whips,

which will only be used for guests at Hung's newest hotel Louis XIII opening 2016

in Macau China, the cars will be themed after the hotel as well. Painted in crimson

red, with checkerboard patterned interior with crimson trim. Did we mention that

each Phantom will have a bespoke clock from Graff Luxury Watches. Oh yea and out

of the 30 phantoms, two will be trimmed in gold throughout (including the keys) in

addition to all the other extravagant shit already equipped. Rolls-Royce even went

the extra extra mile and are even designing the parking spaces for the fleet and they

threw in staff training for handling these vehicular works of art. Maybe one day you

too can drop $20 million on cars you'll never drive, but that privilege is not given

it is earned. So get off your ass and hustle! Check out additional images below.

You're welcome.

Stephen Hung and Rolls-Royce CEO, Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes

Aaron Miles
Aaron Miles