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This week we decided to take a break from football for our #MotivationalMonday

posts, and instead decided to talk about the new iPhone 6 (just like the rest of the world).

Of course #MotivationalMonday wouldn't motivational monday without some real baller

shit to aspire to. So check out these baller ass versions of the iPhone 6 unlike any other

iPhones on the market (or any other phones period for that matter). Created by BRIKK a

company specializing in applying a Luxury ascetic electronic devices, the "Lux" iPhone

comes in a few color/spec options. Available in pink gold, yellow gold and platinum finishes with

the option of icing out your rear Apple logo. You can also opt to go without the gold or platinum

finish and just ice out your Apple logo. Ranging from $4,995 to $11,895 did we mention thats not

even pricing for the 6Plus? These phones will be a must have for rich snobs who ran out of

ridiculous sh*t do do with there money, or the poor sap that saves up just to get this phone and still

lives in his moms basement. Hopefully the latter isn't you. Check out the video courtesy of BRIKK

below. You're welcome.

Disclaimer: Use this motivation wisely, don't hustle backwards

Aaron Miles
Aaron Miles