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Motivational Mondays

This weeks motivational monday comes once again from the world of football.

Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre, drafted in 1991 got the first $100 million

payday in NFL history with the Green bay Packers in 2001 which Included a

$10 million signing bonus and a deal structured in a way which guaranteed

Brett $21 million left from his existing contract at the time. The deal was for

10 years making Favre the highest paid player at that time. Brett Favre is

motivation because he shows what happens when you work hard and stay

loyal to the team. Brett joined the Packers after the 1991 season, and has

since brought the team a Super Bowl championship, has made 11 Pro bowl

appearances, and won three consecutive NFL Most Valuable Player awards

in addition to other countless achievements. Maybe you can be like Brett

Favre. Probably not in football, you too can work hard, stay loyal and get

paid for doing what you love.

You're welcome.

Aaron Miles
Aaron Miles