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Motivational Mondays

In light of the football season getting underway, this week's Motivational Monday profiles

Steelers owner Dan Rooney and his glorious collection of Super Bowl rings. With a very

hard to get six Super Bowl titles (one not pictured), and a net worth of $500 million Dan

Rooney is definitely our motivation for this week. But here is the part that should really

get you on your grind, founded by Dan's father Art Rooney in 1933 for just $2,500

(which seemed like millions at that time) the Steelers are now valued at $1.1 Billion.

It's safe to say that thats one hell of a flip. If thats not enough motivation to get of your

ass and make something of yourself heres more; Dan isn't the only hustler in the family

Rooney's brothers are heavily involved in the Yonkers Raceway, where Dan Rooney has

his Dan Rooney's Sports Pub. With all that said, get on your grind! But most of all, diversify

your hustles! Your Welcome.

Aaron Miles
Aaron Miles