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Motivational Mondays (MM)

What do you aspire to be?
What do you aspire to achieve?
What do you aspire to have?

No matter what your answer is to the first two questions, for most of us the third is pretty easy….WE WANT IT ALL! Cars, clothes, houses, foreign bank accounts, topless women on sea-doo's soaking in the sun - you name it we want it! With that being said me and the guys over here at Hudson Outerwear bring to you something we like to call Motivational Mondays, just a little somethin' to feed your ambition on a Monday morning. Whether you had a long weekend of partying, or you spent your weekend like us: on your grind because the only person we know who ever got wealth from partying was David Grutman, Motivational Monday's are for you. Your welcome. 


For our first installment of Motivational Mondays (MM) we bring you Pankaj Parakh, a textile businessman who commissioned a solid gold shirt for his 45th birthday. The solid gold button up is spun from 18 to 22 karat gold, weighing ten pounds and cost upwards of $250,000.

"I wanted to wear something special when I say my thanks for my success at a thanksgiving visit to the Siddhivinayak Temple of the Hindu elephant god in Mumbai," Parakh said. He further went on to admit that he is "the one in the family that seems so passionate about gold, the rest of my family is neither impressed or interested in gold. They just accept that it's my passion and it's part of our domestic life. My more extended family however think I'm a bit weird but I guess that's families".

Parakh went on to make various baller ass statements that sound larger than life to us, but a typical day to him:

"I never go out with less than 2 to 3 kilos of gold jewellery,"

"In fact, even on my wedding 23 years ago, a lot of people said it was embarrassing that I was wearing more gold than my bride, but I just love the royal metal."

If this isn't motivation to get you on your grind, I don't what can help you.


FYI: If you see Pankaj Parakh in the streets (of India) he carries a revolver on his person at all times, so don't act up.

Aaron Miles
Aaron Miles