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BALLIN: Under Armour Reportedly Offers Kevin Durant A 10-Year Deal Worth Over $300 Million And A Financial Stake In The Company

It's hard to turn down what feels like free money (trust me thats why I took this job), same applies to Kevin Durant also known as @EasyMoneySniper on instagram. If that name never had meaning before it definitely does now as Under Armour reportedly offered  Durant a deal worth over $300 Million which is said to include a financial stake, which will most likely make him the face of the company. Soon as this news hit, rumors immediately start to swirl of Durant leaving his beloved OKC for his more familiar hometown of Washington DC. Which in a perfect world this would makes perfect sense being that Under Armour is based in the DMV (Washington Dc, Maryland, Virginia) area which would complete KD's hometown marriage. Just to put this deal in perspective, Under Armour is literally offering Durant two max deals on steroids at one time. For some taking this deal is a no brainer, but for Durant who actually took less than market value to sign with nike in the first placeIt will be interesting to see how this plays out. Will KD simply take the deal, or will the Lebron James hometown hero scenario be too much to resist for the young superstar. Only time will tell.

Aaron Miles
Aaron Miles